Peter: The man for the Mission

A sinner like us, who at a crucial point in his life was asked whether he knew Jesus as we know he wasn’t asked this question once but three times, on the night of Christ’s arrest. Each time Peter betrayed Christ. Many of you might ask:”Why did Christ choose such people?” To this question my response is because he wanted a human church, made up of men and women, who at times are good and loving. But as humans we very well know that at times we are far from good, our words and actions might not always be of love and kindness. In today’s reading, a letter by St Peter, we are reminded of love, love between the faithful. As Peter writes:”be examples”. That’s right in our own human and gentle way, we are asked to love and respect each other. Today we are asked to pray for divine guidance on Pope Francis, so that we may be led into a new era of hopeful, life affirming Catholicism, mirroring the beautiful ideal expressed by St Peter himself.


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