Signs of God’s Call

In today’s first reading we are presented with Moses, who sees the burning bush which isn’t consumed by such a fire. From this reading we see various signs. First, Moses removes his sandels when he sees God’s sign. In the face of the Almighty and all Powerful God, we are speechless and in front of Him all that we have left to do is to humble ourselves and listen attentively to what God has to say. Second, the bush is burning but is not consumed. God is present to it in the most powerful way, but nothing of the bush has to give in order for God to work with it and through it. When the true God comes close, things are not destroyed; in fact, they become radiant and beautiful. Thirdly, Moses asks a key question: “Who am I?” In face of God’s call in our life, be it an experience, a friendship or an event, we are often puzzled and unsure, as to how we ought to respond or answer the challenges we face. Afraid as he was in the Garden of Olives, Christ asked his Father to give him the courage and determination to accomplish the Mission. Prayer and reflection is key. Not only to gain the necessary courage to face life but also to see more clearly where we’re going. Fourth, Moses answers the call. After prayer and reflection, we have to roll our slieves, as they say, and start to work on the task at hand. Like Moses we have to be determined to face the challenges, and in the process fight evil which hopes to hinder our mission.


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