Bear Witness

Living in a country of Catholic culture, many might think I’m joking when I say that Maltese youth are afraid to say their Catholic. In fact it is no joke. In today’s society many are like the apostles in today’s reading from the Gospel according to St Luke, afraid, shy, even frightened to say that … More Bear Witness

St Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene is one of the greatest saints of the Bible and a legendary example of God’s mercy and grace. Mary was present when Christ rose from the dead, visiting his tomb to anoint his body only to find the stone rolled away and Christ, very much alive, sitting at the place they laid … More St Mary Magdalene


“What will you give me if I betray him to you?” In today’s Gospel, Judas asks this question to the high priest, as to how much the Sanhedrin were willing to pay for Christ’s betrayal by one of his apostles. At times we are also tempted to leave the faith, perhaps we no longer see it … More Betrayal

Our Lady of Sorrows

There she was, under the cross, looking at her Son as he suffered. She heard him say: “Forgive them Father for they don’t know what they’re doing”. Then thunder struck and her tears of sadness where joined with tears from heaven. Sadness, grief, lost…these are the emotions felt not only by Our Lady, but also … More Our Lady of Sorrows

Gods of our Time

“Is it true that you do not serve my gods, and that you refuse to worship the golden statue I have set up?” In today’s first reading from the Book of Daniel this question stands out more than any other. Why? It is a question which society asks us, when we proclaim our Catholic faith. … More Gods of our Time