In today’s Gospel according to St John, we are presented with the apostles who after a night fishing return to the shores of Taiberius, empty handed. At daybreak they see a man who told them to cast their nets on the right hand side. They did as they were told, and they couldn’t haul them in the boat since they were filled with fish. This catch of fish was much more than just a favor from Jesus to help them with their work. It was highly symbolic. The  central lesson to be learned is that Christ was giving the apostles a new calling. They would no longer be fishers of fish but fishers of men, fishers of souls. As one can see very clearly from the story, when the apostles were alone, they failed, whereas with Christ they succeeded. Thus the mission of the Church, isn’t to go and try to win the souls of humanity , alone but to win them with Christ help and for Christ alone. The mission to evangelize, doesn’t rest on the shoulders of the clergy but also on the shoulders of each and everyone of us. Sometimes as Catholics, we tend to come up with many “good” ideas to spread the Gospel. But the key is to humble ourselves before God and realize that we are incapable of spreading the Good News of the Gospel, unless the Lord is leading the way and giving direction. May we always remember that Christ is the good shepherd who leads the flock. If we try and walk before him we will be lost.


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