In Thomas we see ourselves

In today’s Gospel we are presented with St Thomas, who doubts what his friends, the apostles tell him about Jesus who visited them earlier. Thomas is like so many of us. We turn away from others in times of despair and struggle, and we try to do it on our own. But he needed the group. Jesus came to the group first, who then went to Thomas. And then Thomas had to come see for himself. Jesus comes to us where we are, He meets us at whatever state we are in, and perhaps He comes to us in those times where our faith is dwindling the most. Those times where we are ashamed, afraid, and where our prayer life is faltering. Or those times when we know we’ve made poor decisions, where we failed Him, where we failed to be faithful, where we sinned against Him – when we are locked-up by sin – He comes to us even more. In today’s world of distractions, Christ seeks our attention, in silence we will listen to His call. A call from the Son of God to all who listen to His call of sanctity.


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