St Peter and St Paul

In a world where celebrities are constantly being promoted or in some cases promoting themselves by compromising their life with the worlds’ materialistic and selfish creed, it seems to me that we need to look at better role models. St Peter and St Paul are the first that come to my mind. The Call St … More St Peter and St Paul

What has been said about the Traditional Mass

Much of the opposition that traditionalists face when proclaiming their love for the Tridentine Mass, is that other Catholics fail to understand the richness that such a tradition has. In the face of such opposition, the best response is to check what the saints and other distinct Catholics said about such a Rite. Before I … More What has been said about the Traditional Mass

What about sin?

In today’s reading we are presented with the adulteress who asks Christ for forgiveness. When Jesus saw her humility and kind heart He forgave her. Thus forgiveness was given after a display of humility and the willingness to obey Christ’s teachings. There are many Catholics, sometimes even members of the clergy who want to polish … More What about sin?