Morning after pill-Tip of the iceberg

As I began to research for today’s subject, the morning pill, a video from Planned Parenthood (an organization which has killed around 4 million babies and sold the parts of others) pops up. After two seconds the women in the video says:”accidents happen”. As I listened to such word, I couldn’t help but reflect on the sexual freedom culture that we find ourselves in.In today’s culture, be it through social media or the news, we hear the word freedom uttered often, sometimes we even use it improperly. When it comes to sexual freedom, as  in freedom in general, One is free to do whatever one likes, so long as it doesn’t damage the lives of others. Now when one applies philosophy or more specifically logic for the introduction of the morning after pill one runs into several faults.

  1. Women’s Rights: Those arguing for the legalization of the morning after pill are saying that:”Denying access to emergency contraceptives, including the morning after pill, is in breach of women’s fundamental rights.” The first way how one can go about such an argument, is that women shouldn’t speak of women’s rights in this case, after all one is not dealing with the life of the women alone, since there is another person who is being deprived of the necessary vitamins to continue to develop further. Thus one is death-dealing biologically for the unborn, by causing the newly conceived to actually be killed. Thus a woman who is using the pill is having an abortion on average every 12 to 18 months.
  2. On Women’s Health: To all the people who are labeling the lack of morning after pills in Malta, as a women’s rights issue, I hope the same people would be interested in the effects that such pills have on women’s health. Nausea, changes in appetites, tiredness, headaches and the effects go on to more serious problems, such as deep vain blood cloths, stroke, pulmonary embolism, increased risk of breast cancer. The danger to women’s health is so great that the World Health Organization has classified hormonal contraception as a Class 1 , meaning that it causes cancer in humans. Even the notorious abortion promoter, David A Grimes, MD who was a presenter for Plan B’s manufacturer before the FDA advisory committee in December 2003 acknowledged in a 2002 interview that emergency contraception has a serious negative effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle, in fact he said: “Repeated use of EC wreaks havoc on a woman’s cycle, so the resulting menstrual chaos acts as a powerful deterrent to using this method often.” In addition to this the statistics show that Plan B doesn’t work half the time, and Ella doesn’t work one-third of the time.

I called this article:”Morning after pill-Tip of the iceberg”. The main reason behind such a name lies in what Dr James Trussell, Director of Princeton’s office of Population Research, had to say:”…(emergency contraceptives pill) may at times inhibit implantation of fertilized egg in the endometrium.” Hence abortion. From a pro-life perspective , almost all the reasons mothers give for elective abortions are the same reasons they give to contraception. The contraception mentality is the root of the abortion mentality. Contraception literally means “anti-conception”. Finally birth control leads to a state of mind that treats sexual activity as if it has nothing to do with babies; babies are treated as “accidents”, as a burden to be eliminated. In this way, contraception is clearly linked to abortion. Now for those who are using such birth control measures (or suggesting them) and simply lift their shoulders and say: “I have a right.” Then I ask you:”You wouldn’t be speaking of rights, you wouldn’t even exist, if others hadn’t spoken up and defended the right to life.”




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