A Tradionalist Catholic in WYD-I

On Monday 25th of July 2016, I left my island home and headed for the “farawayland” as John
Paul 2 called it. I was heading for Poland to be part of the World Youth Day. From the beginning I knew that it wasn’t going to be some festival for traditional Catholics on the contrary it was a Novos Ordo fest on the whole.

Upon arrival I saw such a phenomenon. For example the priests who were with us weren’t wearing their cassocks, although some were wearing their cross or priestly collar. To my surprise the Polish priests and seminarians were wearing their cassocks and at last something began to make sense. The Maltese Church has an identification problem. What? Yes the Maltese archdiocese has a problem were its priests (generally) are shy and afraid to wear the proper priestly attire. Many times a day, I would be passing by a seminarian or a priest and I have a hard time recognising whether they are proud to be priests or whether their afraid. I’m
assuming that if they leave their cassocks at home in the wardrobe then their afraid. Like a soldier or policeman who is scared to wear his uniform. Does it make sense? No,for the
Church shouldn’t be one of cowards and people who are scared to identify themselves on the contrary it should be filled with proud yet humble priests.

(Now, here is a point I would like to make clear. In my life I have known priests and seminarians who are afraid to wear their cassocks(nearly all of them),having said that most of them could be identified as priests or seminarians through their deeds and actions.
Although I’m sure that it would be for the benefit of the whole Maltese Church and the Church in general, if all(priests and seminarians) wear their cassocks.)


2 thoughts on “A Tradionalist Catholic in WYD-I

  1. I wasn’t able to go to WYD this year, but my Archbishop, (Abp. Sample), took a small group to it and from the pictures I saw, the 2 priests and Carmelite Friar who went in the group all wore their garb, as well as 2 of the archdiocese’s seminarians wearing cassocks and collars! This Archdiocese has made great strides in the past few years!


    1. I saw priest and seminarians with their cassocks even religious in their garbs, as a Catholic and as a Dominican vocation it encourages me to see such testimony by the faithful


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