On the European persecuted Church I

This article was written as a reflection on the current state of the European perscutions on the Catholic Church. Such thoughts are being given to the French priest who was killed in his church in France and to the other French community which was dispersed by force thanks to the effort of the French police. Such events took place within the same week that these two articles are being written.

For all of you who have been reading this blog, for some time now, you should have noticed that I’m quite a tradionalist in thought. That means that I have a certain, how should I say, dislike for liberalist, modernist and secularist point of views. I have to admit that this outburst of anti-Catholic violence hasn’t surprised me. On the contrary it is what one expects of today’s society. In the past few days the Church has suffered two kinds of killings; first the killing of Fr Jacques Hamel a French priest who was killed during mass and the second; the symbolic yet aggressive removal of traditional Catholics in France who were persecuted not by the spilling of blood but by being dragged out of their church. (I would write about the latter in the next article)
Before I continue any furthur I must solemnly declare to my readers that my heart went out to all people; whether they were victims of the first or the second event mentioned.
Much has been written about the life and character of the French priest who was killed, but few thoughts were given with regards to the service that followed. As you might have heard the killing of Fr Jacques was followed by a community service; fine, which was attended by Muslims; what?!, who during the service ate a piece of bread which during the mass became the body of Christ, such an act, needless to say is a liturgical abuse of extraordinary proportion.
My dear reader, let me tell you in the most simple of words my view. A Muslim and a Catholic should never be in the same service and participating in the same liturgy. It is simply impossible and unheard of. Such an example is not only a mocking contest of saints like Louis IX who defended Christendom against such evil foes, but also an example of a false alliance.
Explain to me; how can we pray together with people who read and memorize from a young age verses which explicitly seek the ruin of both Christians and Jews? How can we say that such a damning act is not a Muslim act?
On the contrary let us declare in the most truthful manner that Islam is an enemy of Catholicism and that we must fight if necessary by spilling our blood and say what Fr Hamel said before such evil tidings: “Begone Satan!”


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