Our Lady responds when one asks for help.

This article was written by Anthony Scriha, a fellow contributor and traditionalist.

It began in the last weeks of 1946 when a devout priest, worn by years of intense labour in the Lord’s Vineyard, was dying of a serious heart ailment. Five heart specialists had decided that he had but a few months to live. In this condition, Father Harold V. Colgan, of Saint Mary’s Church, in Plainfield, N. J., had recourse to Our Lady. He had always loved Her with a simple, childlike devotion, and he was an avid promoter of Our Lady’s Sodality among the secular clergy in America. “If you cure me,” he said to Her, “I will give you the rest of my life . . . to do your work.” And he was cured.

Immediately, He resolved that (1) not one of his parishioners would die without the Scapular. (2) He strove to establish the daily Rosary in every home. And (3) he asked his parishioners to form for Our Lady, by their devotion and good daily lives, a small Marian Army against the Red Armies of Communism. He asked them to wear some little blue sign as a token of their pledge that they were saying the Rosary, wearing the Scapular, and offering up their daily duties in a spirit of reparation for the sins of the world. The number of daily Communions in the parish doubled in one year. Masses on the First Saturday filled the Church (which seats 1,000) to capacity. Everyone in the parish could see and could feel the spiritual light this Marian devotion had brought to them. Other pastors in the area heard of it and took up the idea of the “Blue Army.”

The idea of the Blue Army, as though by magic, began to spread far and wide. . . . Within three years, the Blue Army leaped to over two million members in the United States, more than twice that number in other nations.

“One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, She will save the world,” Saint Dominic said. And from the skies of Fatima, Our Blessed Mother today holds down to us, the Rosary and the Scapular, with the promise of great conversions and world peace.


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