Experiencing God

Like all teenagers, I give a lot of priority to what gives me happiness, joy and peace. The world offers temporary happiness, which leaves us with no real satisfaction hence with a thirst to search for more. And that was my experience before discovering God. After experiencing Him and His love, He filled me with permanent true happiness, joy and peace. Every day, I wake up knowing that there is God with me and that anything that will crop up I know that I will surrender in His hands and He will help me go through it.

Before I experienced God, my life wasn’t an easy one. I went through real tough moments. Having God in my life, the troubles and hurts didn’t disintegrate but with the happiness, joy and peace that God gave me, I tackled all the pain that still cropped up. God doesn’t promise us that He will remove the pain, but He promised that He will be there with us and together we will get over it and win it. Peace and love that I freely receive reassures me that whatever crops up won’t destroy me but I trust in God knowing that he has a plan for me. “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘ plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” ( Jeremiah 29:11).


Some people still have questions if God exists or not, which is understandable. I can vouch that He exists and there are a lot of evidence for this, but the only full assurance that one can get is by starting to know Him, start a relationship with Him (by praying) and also have a personal experience of God. I really encourage that those who really want to find and receive this peace, joy, happiness, truth, scope, perfect love, etc… to start attending to a Christian Youth group to help you discover God because it is hard when one is alone

Before vs After

Before I experienced God, I used to see Him as someone who punishes us in anything we do wrong. I used to think that suffering was a way how God punishes us, thinking that He was in Heaven indifferent to our suffering. But when I started a relationship with God and experienced Him I realized that he was totally the opposite of what I thought. He loves us with unconditional love. He doesn’t punish us for the sins. Instead He came into this world and took all our sins and died for us to save us and then He rose up from the dead so that with Him we can be saved. He cares and loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us and save us. He is there supporting us in all we face and helping us to pass through the tough moments that we encounter.

I really encourage you to seek God in your life because He made so much difference in mine that I really want others to receive everything that God gave me. God Bless you.



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