Embracing the Cross

This article was written by Anthony Sciriha, a contributor and a fellow traditionalist.


The great Saint and Teacher, St. FRANCES de SALES, teaches so about the CROSS which visits us:

“ The Eternal God the Father, in His Infinite Wisdom, saw from all Eternity, the CROSS which He presents to you NOW as a GIFT from His Most Holy Heart.

This CROSS He sends you, He considered IT from His EYE of WISDOM, was understood by His Divine MIND, He tested IT by His Wise JUSTICE, was warmed, by His Loving HANDS and scrupulously weighted by His same HANDS, so that He would make sure that your CROSS is not an inch longer or an ounce heavier than you could support.

He Blessed IT with His Holy Name, anointed IT by His GRACE, fragranced by His Consolation and perceived your COURAGE , and then sent IT to you from HEAVEN as a WISHFUL GOOD from God to You and as a Gift of Merciful Love of God.”

So, be Patient, Trust in Him Who LOVES you so much. He knows all your PAIN and Suffering in DETAIL. He Himself went through UNSPEAKABLE Sufferings for OUR sake to SAVE us. So, join your Sufferings with His Passion, His Wounds, His Glorious Face and His Blood and OFFER ALL to the Eternal Father for His Glory and all Sinners and the Holy Souls in Purgatory, THROUGH the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In HEAVEN you will see the GREAT MERITS you had obtained by your CROSS.


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