France, eldest daughter of the Church, who are you?-II

This article was written by Javier Gomez Tejeda, a seminarian studying in Spain and a fellow traditionalist contributor.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola used to say that “Our Blessed Mother must put us with Her son Jesus so that we experience their full communion, as perfect and immaculate as no other bond can be” (EE, 241) As I progressed on my explanation, I prayed so that the hearts of these children of God may be set ablaze by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Virgin, but I also considered a question I had long refused to put to myself. Remembering the words of Saint John Paul II, I asked “France, eldest daughter of the Church, who are you? Do you recognize, do you acknowledge what you are doing with your roots? Your youth is being destroyed by selfishness and injustice, and yet you deny them the right to pray, the right to find comfort in the arms of Mary.”

By now, almost a week has passed since I arrived in France, and I am due to leave next Sunday. In Paris, where I am at the moment, I go almost daily to the shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal or to Notre Dame to attend Mass there. But every single time, on recalling France´s historical ties to Catholicism and seeing how it has decreased, the same question I asked myself in Lourdes continues to pop up in my head.

I pray Our Mother Mary so that you, readers, may never experience the horrific feeling I went through when asking those French youngsters what they were doing in the south. And, though I am not yet an ordained minister, I dare say that, at the end of my talk, surely more than a vocation to priesthood must have awakened in the hearts of my listeners.

Why not following Him who never lets you down?


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