An Advent lasting a lifetime-II

This reflection was written by Fr Brendan Mark Gatt, who is a Judicial Vicar (Adjunct) at The Metropolitan Tribunal of Malta.

An important theme which constantly comes up in the readings of Advent, is to be aware and stay watchful. It is very easy to be taken up with all the cares in this world and forget the next one! This is the way some people go through life: they seem to think that they will live forever and therefore they invest all their energy in this present life, never sparing a thought for what lies beyond.

Therefore our waiting, here on earth, is a joyful one. It is an attentive, positive waiting in which we tune our ears in order to stay in touch with God. It is a moment when even in our everyday chores we seek to hear ‘the rumour of angels’. It is this awareness which keeps us on our toes, in joyful anticipation of our final journey, when we meet God face to face.

Whenever I go to concerts there is a moment a few minutes before the music actually begins, when the musicians all start tuning their instruments and warming them up. There is no actual music going on, just sound, but the instruments create a kind of enchanting harmony which tells you “The magic is about to begin.” That is what our waiting is like. That is what Advent is like. If we train our ears, we will discover those magical harmonies even in everyday life, until the actual concert begins.


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