The Maltese Disaster

This article is being published with the permission of Dr. Edward N. Peters JD, JCD, Ref. Sig. Ap.  The bishops of Malta, in a document that can only be called disastrous, repeatedly invoking Pope Francis’ Amoris laetitia, have directly approved divorced and remarried Catholics taking holy Communion provided they feel “at peace with God”. Unlike, say, the … More The Maltese Disaster

Asserting the Value of Life-I

This article was written by Kylie Decelis. Kylie is a Maltese blogger. Her writings centre around pro-life issues and conservative politics, with the occasional post about Church tradition. Any fan of the Doctor Who saga knows that Listen, the fourth episode of the eighth series, delves into one of childhood’s infamous worries. Many people understand the feeling … More Asserting the Value of Life-I