Asserting the Value of Life-I

This article was written by Kylie Decelis. Kylie is a Maltese blogger. Her writings centre around pro-life issues and conservative politics, with the occasional post about Church tradition.

Any fan of the Doctor Who saga knows that Listen, the fourth episode of the eighth series, delves into one of childhood’s infamous worries. Many people understand the feeling of when as you put your feet out from under the bed sheets in the morning to search for your slippers, you always doubt whether something with the ability of snatching your feet is hiding under your bed. Most of us have even taken a quick look to see the narrow world that lies below.

This scenario rightly captures in my opinion the way unfounded questions related to the sanctity of human life pop up from time to time in Maltese politics. We feel that they’re lurking in the mind of a small minority, yet we can’t really address the issue once and for all and reaffirm Malta’s pro-life character. Mind you, the obsession some members of this minority have regarding the ruining of Malta’s clear pro-life laws has blasted the fantasy of the creature under the bed into a fully-fledged paranoia. As always, you can count on Lovin Malta (Maltese liberal site) to pitch in and sound their pro-abortion, and overall liberal, fetish with the rest of us.

Any respectable person would simply distance themselves from the recent comments of a well-known electoral candidate regarding abortion and euthanasia. These serious failures of our society are never a matter of personal choice since they involve people making decisions which they are not entitled to make. In the case of abortion, it’s a mother deciding whether the other person in her womb should be allowed to live or should be given the death penalty. In the case of euthanasia, it’s a person deciding the time when s/he can leave this world. I wouldn’t spend much time debating him given his obvious flawed arguments. However, I find utterly disgusting the failure of his respective party to simply state its values and the comments of Lovin Malta on this issue.

First of all, political parties in Malta should clearly define their value system. It seems that the two major political parties are harbouring individuals who define themselves as pro-abortion. As a voter, I need to know where each party stands on this issue. As life is the first and most important human right, a pro-abortion party can never expect the vote of a woman like me. As a woman, I feel utterly insulted by any person saying that the decision whether to kill my children in my own body is a very personal one. Evil is never personal! I want to make sure that in any circumstance, I, and any woman regardless of her beliefs, shall have the opportunity to choose life, and life only. Women deserve better than abortion. So no, it’s not a matter of personal choice as the candidate said. It’s a matter of protecting women and babies from murder. If anyone champions women’s rights, it’s definitely the pro-life movement. Only within a fully pro-life mindset can we fully understand the value of any life regardless of its stage.

To be continued….


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