Fatima-A Friend’s Experience

This article was written by Maria Aquilina, who is a Australian Catholic who loves the Catholic Faith and has a passion for everything traditional.

Totus Tuus ego sum, Maria, et omnia mea tua sunt! There has always been a special place for Her in my heart….Our Queen, Our Mother, Our Advocate and intercessor on life’s journey…but how can I put into words what my heart feels when I hear the name the Blessed Virgin Mary!? Now… I’m no theologian or catechism expert, so don’t read this in hope to gain some mind blowing explanation of how or why She was the chosen One… instead I would like to share a short experience of my encounter with Her on my pilgrimage through Europe heading to WYD in Madrid back in 2011.

I guess I had left for a 3 months adventure through Europe but had sadly left behind a few family problems and being so close to my family I also carried these burdens along with me. No matter how hard I prayed or how many tears I shed, nothing could seem to console me or bring me peace. The problems were out of my control but silly enough, I thought my worries could some how fix them, leaving me no peace within. I will never forget the moment I stepped foot into the Marian Shrine in Fatima…it was about 9pm in the evening, with only a hand full of people around…. I knelt before the statue of Our Lady and boom… the minute my eyes reached Hers I felt peace. I felt total and utter peace and I don’t think anything has ever felt the same since. Just as a mother would whisper into her child’s ears to comfort them, She; my Heavenly Mother spoke to me within the depths of my heart, promising me that She was interceding for my family and that She will fight the battle ahead and will win. I remember leaving the sanctuary and calling my family back home proclaiming; “everything’s going to be okay, She is fighting this battle for us, everything is going to work out”. I couldn’t hold back the tears; it was an outburst of joy. Thinking back to that night still brings chills down my spine, to remember that indescribable peace and consolation I had received.

Since then, I have been back to visit Her in Fatima 4 times, and each and every time She gazes back at me telling me “I told you so”. She was fighting the battles I had left back home, and lo and behold She sure did win, and what a victorious victory She obtained. Not only then but every day of my life, I feel Her guidance and protection…holding my hand; She gently leads me to Her Son. There is no greater role model for us pilgrims walking towards our homeland… who better can we look to for guidance and strength in purity, prudence, humility, faithfulness, obedience, modesty and silence.

May She wrap us all in Her mantle blue and bring us to Heaven to enjoy the company of Her Son, Her Spouse and all the angels and saints. Mary ever Virgin, help us to be pure.


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