A Profound Meeting with the Lord

In life we rarely have a profound experience but when we do it is life-changing and brings about a total revolution in the way we see things, in the way we view the world.

On Wednesday the Catholic Church celebrated the conversion of St Paul, a truly awe-inspiring moment, as if it leaps from a Hollywood movie, a man who was going to persecute Christians becomes a Christian himself. My meeting with the Lord wasn’t so awe-inspiring or movie-like, on the contrary I would rather call it a profound discovery of what I believe in, what I ought to defend. Perhaps my conversion wasn’t so dramatic due to the fact the I already was a Catholic who believed in everything the Church defended and what it stood for. So what did traditionalism change?

The first change that occurred was that I grew in my zeal to defend the Faith, what is known as apologetics. In my website there is no apologetics section, or one apologetics article in fact the defense of the Faith runs in all that is published, be it the latest Amoris Laetitia post or the Quran vs the Old Testament article or the Morning After Pill article (here I followed the example set by Pope Paul VI in  Humane Vitae). Defending the Faith, I learned also entails one to defend it at the right moment, for example the Quran vs the Old Testament article was published after a popular Maltese TV show tried to humiliate Catholicism by disguising the Bible in a Quran cover and broadcast the people’s reactions, it was nothing more than a liberal attack on our Faith.

The second change I noticed was that as soon as I started following the Traditions of the Church I suddenly became more convinced that what I was doing made more sense and was more worth it than anything else. As an inspiration on such a reality I would like to refer you to the example set by G.K Chesterton whose literature is both amazing and empowering to read. Chesterton was a Protestant, who became an atheist who then crossed the Tiber as they say and became Catholic. In his literature one could very easily sense that as soon as he touched with tradition as soon as he felt the power of defending what has always been defended by the Church, he could suddenly say: “We do not really want a religion that is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong.” Thus  from merely defending the Faith, I went to passionately defending the Faith. Defending without passion is boring, defending with passion makes you a formidable enemy to all who hate the Truth.

Reverence for all that is holy and heavenly inspired a complete U-turn in the way I looked at the Mass and the Eucharist. Recently I have been reading Scott Hahn’s “The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth”. In this deeply moving, spiritually enriching book there are many quotes which stand out but the one which hit me perfectly was this: “We go to Heaven-not only when we die, or when we go to Rome, or when we make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We go to heaven when we go to Mass.” This change was so significant that I went from attending Novos Ordo to attending Traditional Latin Mass. The revolutionary call for reverence could only be satisfied and answered by the most reverent, the most beautiful, the most heavenly of Masses, one which for centuries was silently heard and passionately celebrated by saints, blessed and martyrs alike.

Having read this testimony may you too be inspired to go at the very heart of Catholicism. I invite you to explore these beautiful and ancient means of communion with the Lord. Your life would not go unchanged!


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