“The Seminary Gate is Open” Really?!

Recently the Archbishop of Malta confirmed with the National Catholic Register that if any seminarian does not agree with Pope Francis, “the seminary gate is open”(implying that they are free to leave) (1). The Maltese Seminary has 18 seminarians; so implying that any form of disagreement on “Amoris Laetitia” from the seminarians would be responded in such a manner; might not be the best option statistically speaking.  Some might respond by saying: “Quality over quantity.” Well the fact is that in the past prior to the liberal wave of the Second Vatican Council, priest were of both; sound quality and great in quantity.

“The doors are open” ironically enough were also the words which formed the central element of the Archbishop’s homilies during the Jubilee of Mercy. In fact during an homily he gave in the Cathedral of Imdina he said: “the doors of our hearts must be open to everyone even when this means uncomfortability.” (2) Well it turns out that good, traditional priests who follow sound doctrine and not some disastrous interpretation, are making the Archbishop uncomfortable.  My response: They are an occasion to exercise mercy and not to act like a dictator, carrying out the Final Solution to the Traditional Seminarians.

Last week the Archbishop said that any priests who have some difficulty with the interpretation should come forward and discuss the matter (3).  What if they don’t agree, even after the private meeting? Are the doors open? If so, which doors the ones of Mercy or of Condemnation? 


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