Reverence for the Eucharist-Part 2

This article was written by Anthony Sciriha, a Maltese traditionalist Catholic living in Canada.

Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise of San Luis, Argentina, in his book Communion in the Hand: Documents and History, gave the following 6 reasons why he disagreed with Communion in the Hand.

“And now the reasons that militate against receiving Communion in the hand.

  1. It is an important disciplinary change that runs the risk of disorienting many of the faithful who do not see the need, and who have never met with this problem. There are already many changes in the field of liturgy and of the sacraments that have yet to be completely assimilated by all of the Christian community; the establishment of a new manner of receiving Communion would require a serious catechetical instruction that cannot be carried out at the same time all over.
  2. It appears that there is a new practice established here and that it is the work of a small number of priests and laypersons that look to impose their own point of view on others, and force the hand of authority. To approve it would be to encourage these persons who are never satisfied with the laws of the Church!!    
  3. And above all a decrease of respect to the Eucharistic worship should be feared. To receive Communion in the hand would seem to many to be less dignified and less respectful. Will everyone who will receive Communion in the hand have clean hands? The children also?
  4. One should also ask oneself, with uneasiness, if the fragments of the Consecrated Bread will always be picked up and consumed with all the respect It deserves. If even now, when a paten is used, it is so easy that fragments fall and are dispersed, what will happen to the Particles in the hands of the faithful, of those who do not have the delicacy and the awareness to quickly pick them up?
  5. Furthermore, should not an increase of desecrations and irreverences on the part of ill-intentioned persons be feared, or of those of little faith? Ill prepared and poorly instructed people who receive the Eucharistic Bread in their hand, will they not end up equating It to ordinary bread, or to simply blessed bread?
  6. By easily giving in to this very important point of Eucharistic worship, the danger exists that the audacity of the ‘renovators’ will dare so much as to be directed towards other sectors, which would bring about an irreparable damage to the faith and worship of the Eucharist.       

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