Drachma: The Scandal Part 1


These articles are being written in order to expose the gay infiltration in the Church in Malta via the group known as “Drachma”. It must be made clear that what is being written here is not to attack the persons who suffer from same-sex attraction but to attack their infiltration and life-style. The author prays for the conversion of these persons, so that they may return to Our Lord, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

From the Drachma’s Mission Statement: “Drachma is a space open to all persons of good will who seek sexual and spiritual integration. It includes lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and intersex persons, as well as friends of LGBTI persons who wish to meet to pray together and explore the intersections between sexuality, gender, gender identity, faith, spirituality and religion.”(1)

It must be made clear from the start that Drachma calls itself a Catholic group, so much so that in their mission statement one finds the following words: “Drachma is a group largely inspired by the Roman Catholic tradition, values and spirituality”.(1)

Twisting Teaching
One of the reasons why Drachma is a dangerous even heretical organization is that it promotes the idea that God creates men and women with same-sex attraction. Thus the logical conclusion to the false argument is that, if God created someone with same-sex attraction, then one should act in accordance to such an attraction. This philosophy was shown clearly when Mr Chris Vella (group’s coordinator) reflected on the Trinity at this event:

Activity poster 3 with details

At one point in time during the opening reflection Mr Chris Vella said: “If I were to re-read this same text and place it in its wider context and wider biblical meaning, the focus on ‘male and female he created them’ is an emphasis on relationship. God is Himself ‘relational’. God is Trinity, three divine persons in communion, different and complimentary. And the emphasis the biblical author wanted to make is that Man is also created relational and must forge beautiful complementary relationships in a beautiful world made out of difference. The biblical text there may only refer to Man and Woman and might seem to exclude other differentness. Yet, reading the Bible more intently and profoundly, we would discover a lot of differentness, which we normally tend to ignore or put aside. Yet, the Lord is here and He blesses this differentness!”(2)

EWTN responds to the following argument (that people are created with same-sex attraction) by stating that: “Catholics believe that sexuality was designed by God as a sign of the love of Christ, the bridegroom, for his Bride, the Church, and therefore sexual activity is appropriate only in marriage. Catholic teaching holds that: “Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman. In marriage the physical intimacy of the spouses becomes a sign and pledge of spiritual communion (CCC, n.2360) Healthy psycho-sexual development leads naturally to attraction in persons of each sex for the other sex. Trauma, erroneous education, and sin can cause a deviation from this pattern. Persons should not be identified with their emotional or developmental conflicts as though this were the essence of their identity. In the debate between essentialism and social constructionism, the believer in natural law would hold that human beings have an essential nature — either male or female — and that sinful inclinations (such as the desire to engage in homosexual acts) are constructed and can, therefore, be deconstructed.”(3)

In 2016, Malta was debating conversion therapy, with one side of the debate, the government led by Mr Joseph Muscat stating that conversion therapy should be banned and the Catholic Church stating that it shouldn’t be banned (find document below). (4) During this debate Drachma stated that: “the Church has missed an opportunity to build bridges with the LGBTI community.” (5) In addition to this Drachma (in its statement) stated that: “We expected the Paper to clearly state that no sexual orientation is a disorder or an illness, and hence, does not require the person to seek any form of healing.”(5) On the other hand the Catechism of the Catholic Church Part 3, Section 2,  Chapter 2, Article 6 states: “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”(6)

The LGBTIQ Council

For the last 4 years the Labour Party Government, via the Ministery for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, has passed several LGBTIQ laws and hosted several Pro-LGBTIQ events in once conservative Malta. An example of such an event was the IDAHO Forum, where countries from around the world discuss how they can encourage LGBTIQ members to continue to live their objective moral disorder and make sure that such a sin in widespread far and wide. In addition to this there is the LGBTIQ Council.

Why did I mention the LGBTIQ Council?

The answer is simple: Because Drachma which is “inspired by the Roman Catholic tradition, values and spirituality” belongs to such a Council.

For those of you who can’t believe what I have just written, please consider the following evidence (7):


In the LGBTIQ Council there are 3 members from Drachma/Drachma Parents. Yes, you have read correctly in a council which seeks to promote the sin of sodomy and destroy Malta’s conservative values, there are 3 “Catholics”. This is a sad reality that we are living, not only in the Church in Malta but throughout the whole Catholic Church, the Devil has infiltrated the Church through the disguise of diversity, tolerance and mercy.

Having read this, one is left with several questions, a crucial one might be: “Why is Drachma still part of the Church in Malta?” The answer to this question will be answered in the next article.


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