Drachma: The Scandal Part 2

This second article in the “Drachma Scandal” series shows how the gay movement has infiltrated into the Church in Malta.

The Drachma Scandal is a two-fold scandal, on one hand you have the false teachings being taught by Drachma be it that gays are created by God with same sex attraction or be it the group’s membership in the LGBTIQ Council which has destroyed our Island moral values and convervative way of life. On the otherhand, and possibly more shocking, one finds the way the Church has accepted them wholeheartedly even though their false teachings are well known and well documented.

One of the Archbishop’s role in a diocese is to fight (using well-established Catholic means) against those who seek to destroy the Church and to defend the Faith to the best of his ability. In Mons Charles J Scicluna case he has let the Devil’s evil ways enter into the Maltese Church and also failed to defend the Faith (when it comes to Drachma).

The first example of how accepting Mons Scicluna is to such a group is the fact that in May of 2014, he celebrated the Mass together with the group. Unfortunately You for Christ doesn’t have a copy of his speech which he delivered there. One can only imagine, that the then Auxiliary Bishop spoke nothing when it comes to living truly as persons who suffer from same-sex attraction, withing the Catholic Church. Otherwise all of them would have left, since (as revealed yesterday) their teaching is false and doesn’t conform with what Holy Mother Church teaches. (1)

Image result for drachma church in malta mass

This example of celebrating mass for Drachma has become the norm in fact, several priests have celebrated mass for this group. During such mass the LGBTIQ flag is placed hanging from the altar as shown from the picture below: (2)

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The LGBTIQ flag isn’t just a flag, on the contrary it represents the homofacist invasion done by the gay movement in our society and around the world. This flag is carried during gay pride parades where sin and sodomy are celebrated, it found in several billboards, posters and other media, in celebration of the gay lifestyle. Now one asks oneself: “Why would a priest allow that such a flag is left hanging from the altar?” The answer is simple, this group is the product of the Devil’s infiltration in the Catholic Church, and the Devil using his tricks and intelligence has tricked many priest to bow down to him and serve him. Unfortunately, in the Maltese Church, the Devil has not only influenced the minds of such priests but also the mind of the Archbishop whose duty it is to stop them from celebrating such masses.

When Mons Scicluna became Archbishop of Malta, several Catholics asked questions as to how he would lead the Church in Malta. Throughout the years Mons Scicluna, has shown that he hasn’t changed when it come to his gay friendly ways. In fact he met the group last year for their book presentation “Uliedna Rigal”.  (3)

This book consists of 50 questions, answered by parents whose children are gay, in the end this book tells parents to accept their children as they are and not help them convert as the Church asks them to do, as shown in the Cathechism.

Mons Scicluna’s role is to help these people and not let them drown in their lies spread by their coordinators, together with Rev Dr James Alison, a gay-friendly priest (who gave a talk to the group), (4) in additon to gay masses celebrated by some of the Diocese’s priests.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith states (5): “The Bishops have the particularly grave responsibility to see to it that their assistants in the ministry, above all the priests, are rightly informed and personally disposed to bring the teaching of the Church in its integrity to everyone.” Mons Scicluna did not stop priests from celebrating mass to this group but went and celebrated Mass himself. How is that “bringing the teaching of the Church in its integrity”?

The Church states (5): “With this in mind, this Congregation wishes to ask the Bishops to be especially cautious of any programmes which may seek to pressure the Church to change her teaching, even while claiming not to do so.” Drachma is part of the LGBTIQ Council, a council which introduced civil partnerships (for gays) and is working to introduce gay marriage in our country. Is Mons Scicluna cautious with regards to this group, bearing in mind that it seeks to pressure the Church to confrom to its (Drachma’s) ideology? Mons Scicluna was not only cautious he met them and supports them.

The CDF states (5): “We encourage the Bishops, then, to provide pastoral care in full accord with the teaching of the Church for homosexual persons of their dioceses. No authentic pastoral programme will include organizations in which homosexual persons associate with each other without clearly stating that homosexual activity is immoral.” Mons Scicluna has not only provided pastoral care, he has allowed this group, which in no way conform’s with the Church’s teachings, to infiltrate and spread it lies.

In conclusion, these articles have shown that Mons Scicluna has proven, once again, that he is not the Defender of the Faith, Shepard to the Faithful but a Bishop who, instead of fighting evil lets it dominate and spread.


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