To the Archbishop

Dear Pastor in Christ of Malta,

I am the Marian Warrior, I am writing this letter, to thank you for giving opportunity to those Traditional Catholic youths to have the extraordinary form of the Mass or the Tridentine mass. This showed how much you care for those small number of youths who believe that the Tridentine Mass gives proper zeal and respect to the Eucharist.

I say respect because I had attended Novus ordo Masses since I was a kid and didn’t feel the presence of Christ and the connection with the apostles. Though I felt the vocation to be a friar then for priesthood once, though wasn`t accepted.

I always felt that there is something missing within the Mass (Novus Ordo), it is too simplistic for a Mass and I feel that this is one of the main causes of Catholics leaving the Church. Many Charismatic movements within the Church are similar or if not exact to Protestant Charismatics. I attended some of these Catholic Charismatics and instead feeling the presence of Jesus, I am sorry to say, I felt the presence of the Diabolical especially in the so-called the gift of tongues, there are accounts from foreign priests which experienced blasphemy while their Charismatic friends “spoke in tongues” one priest knew Latin, ancient Greek and Aramaic and listened to his friend blasphemed against the Lord in  Latin, ancient Greek and Aramaic, while the other American priest who came from mission listened to an American person blaspheming the Lord in the language that this missionary was in his mission. The things that we imported from the Protestants is destroying our Church, we must wake up.

When I attended the Tridentine Mass for the first time, I felt something that the Novus Ordo lacks and this is the apostolic connection and the zeal and devotion and adoration of the first Christians and of the saints, almost you felt the presence of the angels hovering above us and above all I felt the presence of Our Lord! This Mass inspired common people to be Saints. There were no distractions like guitars, Homilies with puppets or clown priests, but only me and the others and the priest united in the body, blood, soul and divinity in Christ.

If you open more the Tridentine Mass to more parishes, many guys slowly will return to the Church. Since the tridentate Mass Is very Masculine, today men are more feminized and lost their natural and biblical reason of their mission in this life and by this consequence women became more masculine. If by this Mass, men will find their masculinity and return to what God planned for them, women will be influenced by this “cure” for men and regain their femininity back, and even the family will return to their natural and biblical state. And by this even Malta will heal from the virus of modernity and return to her Catholic roots.

Maybe there is opposition within the clerics for the re-introduction of the extraordinary Mass, but it is the only way that we will see large numbers of people returning to mass and go back to their Catholic roots. It is a tough call but it is the only solution I am afraid. This will make you a Catholic hero by saving Malta from the evil attacks of modernity, by increasing the parishes who with devotion will celebrate the Mass with the rite that was since in the apostles’ times. This Mass will enlarge the Church again and created great Saints like before.

Thanks For your time.


The Marian Warrior.


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